Club Statement: Online Racism

May 29, 2024 by
Club Statement: Online Racism
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Unity FC Statement

"Soccer is a sport that has no room for racism or discrimination. It is unacceptable to receive a call from your coach warning you about someone using racist slurs against you online. 

Soccer has always been my sanctuary, a place of safety and joy, but now it's being tarnished by those who seek to use it as a weapon of hate. 

Racism has no place in sports, nor in life at all. I stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters from all ethnicities and cultures who face racism. 

This is not the first time I've been targeted with racist slurs, and we must take a firm stand against it whenever we encounter racism. No room for racism." 

- Victory Shumbusho, Unity FC men’s team.

Unity Football Club strongly condemns the racist abuse directed towards our player, Victory Shumbusho, in the comments section of the league’s live match broadcast on Sunday.

The league acted swiftly to delete and report the offensive comment and is taking steps to prevent future incidents.

Racism, whether online or in person, is unacceptable, and Unity FC maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of hate and discrimination.

Victory Shumbusho is an outstanding role model in our community, embodying the discipline, determination, and dedication we admire in all our players and staff.

We appreciate the full support of League1 BC and Rivers FC in condemning this behavior. We will continue to support Victory and work with our partners to ensure a safe, inclusive environment for all our players and supporters. 


We were angered and disheartened when a League1 BC player, Victory Shumbusho of Unity FC, was the target of online racial abuse in the comments section of the live broadcast of Sunday’s match between Unity FC and Kamloops Rivers FC on YouTube. 

We strongly condemn such vile harassment and discrimination, and have taken the necessary steps to ensure the comment has been reported. 

Online hate is despicable and unacceptable and has no place in our game. As a League, we have a no tolerance policy for any such behaviour, either online or in person.

We will work closely with Unity FC and all of our clubs to provide support to any and all players facing online abuse.